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We breath Git. We wrote the only pure C# Git Library from scratch to enable deep integration, giving you smooth reading flow.


We created a powerful Language Service for Static Analysis of source code in all major programming languages.


Highlighting, Underlining, or add Comments to your Comments? ( Coming Next)

How It Works?

A simple clone scenario

Clone Your
Git Repository

Clone from your favourite Git services: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure repos, or standard git server.

  • Support Clone Depth (--depth)
  • Support Private Repo with Credentials
  • Clone Specific Branch
  • Support http/https Smart Protocol only

Switch On
Language Service

Switch on Language Service for your source code to be Static Analysed. Type information will be collected for Typed Languages, so that you can jump around various files.

(C# up to 7.3 supported, others coming in later releases)

  • Syntax Highlighting, Line Number
  • Goto Definition, Goto Implementation
  • Copy as HTML, Type Table TreeView
  • Conditional Symbols

Navigate your
Git Repository

Navigate repositories with our unique Blades Control in lightning speed. Flag or Filter at any level of refs/commits/trees/files to focus on what's important.

  • Swipe Left/Right for Open/Flag
  • Unified view of Ref, Commit, Tree, Blob
  • No Git Checkout ever needed
  • Unique Blades Control
  • Ultra fast Navigation

Read your
Source Code

For understanding; for insight.

  • Markdown Viewer for MD files
  • History Pane
  • More Innovations Coming Soon

Learn More About The Features!

Check out the feature details.

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Download Our
Windows 10 UWP App

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