Release Notes:

v1.2.2 - Feb 2019
  • Language Service supporting C# up to v7.3.
  • Added About Page with various links and exposing app logs.

v1.2.1 - Oct 2018
  • Markdown Viewer now supports images and links.
  • Tiny bug fixes.

v1.2 - Apr 2018
  • Git Clone now supports private repository, clone depth, and clone specific branch.
  • Git Fetch added, with fetch depth supported.

v1.1 - Nov 2017
  • Language Service supporting C# up to v6.
  • New History Pane.

v1.0 - Apr 2017

This is our M(VP)2 – Minimum Very Possibly Viable Product release. It mainly completes the Git story: you can easily clone a repo and navigate inside very fast (maybe the Fastest in the whole world?) For the actual reading, it’s only plain text without bells and whistles, except Markdown file format, which we have a better viewer thanks to UWPCommunityToolkit.

  • For the offline experience, we created our own robin-git™ library in C# from scratch, so that you can Clone from git/GitHub, right in the app.
  • Many current/future features were designed to have deep git integrations; therefore, you can have a smooth reading flow.
  • We try to do everything we can to help us understanding large code base better and faster; we’ll experiment lots of ideas, and you are welcome to join us on this journey.