Our Vision

We believe every human was made to be creative. Creativity is the essence of life. We don't know when and how it will happen. We can only nurture it; encourage it; and not limiting it.

"Software is eating the world". Being software developers, we are blessed to use our creativity while we work. This is a privilege many other professions don't share. So be DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself , and Don't reinvent the wheel.

Software also manifest the Singularity best. We could design better software tools to help us writing even better software, and repeat this, until we pass the Singular Point.

Story of Code Reader+

It was 2015 when D is working in London for a cloud company. There was always too many source code to read, mainly because the project involves many large Open Source platforms (think CloudStack and OpenStack), these are all new to him, with very limited documentation around (as in percentage of effort compared to the source code itself). As a seasoned developer, he has get used to read the source code directly in whatever programming language to understand the architect and design of a certain system.

So in the morning, before reaching office, he would use the 30 mins on London Tube to prepare the days work (related source code); in the evening, he would do another 30 mins reading to find answers for questions he encountered during the day (by digging source code). While standing in the crowds of a Tube carriage, he still manage to hold a 7" small tablet with one hand :)

But there is no App designed for this! Why can't we read source code easily like reading Lord of the Rings on a Kindle?

Comes the Code Reader+, our Ongoing effort to fill that gap. Still early days, please join us to make this a worthy journey!

Q: What's the + in the name about? A: Because an ancient Windows Phone App got "Code Reader" first, so we can't use it. Considering what we can do, it definitely deserves the plus sign. Would you prefer to call it "Source Reader" instead? Let us know.