Git Clone

from GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, VSTS, or your own; Supports credentials to access private repositories; Supports clone Depth for fast shallow clone; Supports clone a specific branch.


Git Fetch

fetch new commits from remote; Supports fetch Depth.


Git Navigation

Navigate repositories with our unique Blades Control in lightning speed; Flag or Filter commits/trees/files with Likes to focus on what's important.


Language Service

C# 6 Syntax Highlighting, Line Number, Goto Definition, Goto Implementation, Copy As HTML, Type Table TreeView, Conditional Symbols.

Other Features

Touch First

every operation is designed for fingers; we use Swipe Gesture intensively; keyboard and mouse works great too.

Markdown Viewer

to read the universal MD files.

History Pane

track your reading progress; pick up where you left off.

Easy To Use

With Minimalist Design. Maximum your reading space.